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When you are surrounded by Fog Free Blue Sky and Towering Pine trees that seem to pay homage to the Great Pacific Ocean it is no wonder that we all get along.  Gualala residents are please to see you and happy that you have come to share with us this rare resource of Land and Water.  

The Surf Motel is a starting point for the "Gualala Bluff Trail" and while it is a short walk it lends its self to some very presecous moments that only you will carry away to share with others.

We love when our guest share photos with us, in fact some of the photos on this webstie were take by guest.

Our most asked guestion is " How do you pronounce the name of the town?

                                        'Wah - la - la ' 

     See that was not to hard, but if you miss it we know what you mean.

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